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Burial - Untrue 14.11.2007

The ultimate soundtrack for any city covered in indefinite shades of gray and drizzle. A sick mix of 2step, garage, and a seemingly undefinable strand of R&B.

Buy it, you won't regret it. Available on eMusic.

Burial has a MySpace-profile as well with a snippet of music on it.


Thomas | web / 16:30 / 14th of november / 2007

True, Jonas. Burial is definitely great music for this time of the year. The first Burial album (self-titled) from last year is equally recommendable.

Jonas | web / 22:22 / 14th of november / 2007

Oh man, you mean you knew about this before?! How could you not tell me? (: It's a great album, I am going to buy the first one as well.

Been listening to it on repeat for the last two days. It's.. I don't know... hypnotising.

Shiffi Le Soy | web | @ / 4:28 / 15th of november / 2007

IÂ’ve seen the light now. And it burns like heaven.

Thomas | web / 11:35 / 16th of november / 2007

Yeah, now that you mention it, I know I should have advocated for it.

I remember roaming around, also kind of hypnotized, for a couple of weeks with the first album on repeat on my mp3 player.

Chip G | @ / 15:32 / 22nd of june / 2008

The second album is far superior to the first I would say. Raver? Come one now... sick song. This album was recently released on vinyl as well, which would certainly boost the "mad props" status of any collection.
- Chip

Jonas | web / 12:42 / 30th of june / 2008

I'm with Chip on this one, Untrue is a level above the first album.

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