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Kristian | web | @ / 9:48 / 15th of october / 2007

I've been following the strangemaps blog for a while now. He finds and posts a few gems; quite interesting blog (as opposed to mine).

Jonas | web / 13:19 / 15th of october / 2007

Yes, well, that goes for me too. Not to interesting around here, but he manages to post some interesting things from time to time, I do agree.

Christian / 13:48 / 16th of october / 2007

How do you know that the Firefox R&D center will be set up at ITU?

Jonas | web / 13:57 / 16th of october / 2007

I don't, I am just assuming. I don't know where else they would set it up.

Christian / 14:43 / 17th of october / 2007

Well you were right in your assumption. Mozilla are moving in next month

Jonas | web / 3:35 / 20th of october / 2007

Well fuck me dead, I claim my 5er anytime! (:

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