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Fairy tale 14.10.2007

Fairy Tale

She was his creation.
He woke up knowing exactly, feeling inside him what he wanted her to be like.

First he caught a few rays of the bright, bright, slightly warm morning sunlight- she will be pure luminosity, brisk to every room she walks into.
He grabbed a piece of cloud- thatÂ’s for the effortlessness of her moves.
Then as he passed the bay, he took a handful of the sparkling sea water- her eyes he thought; they will change the colour like stones beneath the waves.
He found the clay- soft and silky, but strong and fleshy, added a few straws of green grassÂ…
Like a treasure he held it all in his hands, brought to his workshop where miracles were meant to happen, where his ideas had time to ripe and bloom in fantastic makings.
He set his shoulders to the wheelÂ…The sun has disappeared behind the horizon, the sea has put his waves to sleep, the grass curled up under the duvet of dew, the silence covered entire earth.
And he worked and worked, sweat on his forehead, his hands crushing and kneading until he felt pleasure in what he touched. And then he shapedÂ…From amorphous substance slowly every little part of her emergedÂ…He looked at what heÂ’s done in the silver light of the moon and stole some of its smoothness for her skinÂ…
There she wasÂ…BreathtakingÂ…. but not aliveÂ…He laid beside her and one big tear rolled out on his cheekÂ…She was never going to be the one he missed, the one he ached for!
Good friend Sleep carried him away to ease his despair.

The Sun saw her first, it smiled to her and sent her a little kiss from the sky- she was full of smiles instantly, sheÂ’ll cherish the life and dance - the Sun thought.
The Sky always beside the glorious Sun couldnÂ’t stay behind. It stroke her head to make her wise.
The Earth woken up by the light and confused what was happening reached out to touch her flesh and gave her desire, the fire inside and the urge for love.
The Sea washed her body, spilled into every little hole, filled every space to open her soul and make her sensitive, to teach her how to feel the world around with every cell of her freshly created body.
There was a bird passing by, he saw this effort of all the elements and send his blessing to her, welcoming her in the Nature.
The Moon, not quite gone yet to the other side, wanted to leave its trace on herÂ…It gave her the biggest gift it had- the mystery and magic.
And here she was- ready for him to wake up and reach outÂ…

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