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And he was nowhere, yet everywhere 14.09.2002

I went to see Hamlet in Ong Ken Sens interpretation performed by 10 different nationalities at Kronborg three weeks ago with my Dad and stepmother. It was pretty darn freaky I tell you, about finding Hamlet in yourself, in your own way, in the 21st century. I am fairly convinced that I only managed to comprehend about 10 percent of the actual piece, and the first 30 minutes or so, I was curiously struggling with the concept of Hamlet all wrapped up in experimental hoo-haa.

But the plot of this play is that anybody can be, and anybody is, Hamlet. So while he was not actually on stage, he was everywhere, like a social conscience of the spectators and the actors/dancers.

I came to the conclusion that it was recursive theater, theater inside theater. I mean, since Hamlet wasn't actually in it, and the symbolic Hamlet of the play was more a hint at the psychological state of our world, the play could have been about anything else. But, had it been about anything else, it wouldn't have been about Hamlet. Makes sense?

In the break they showed a film about the attempt of a Chinese group to find Hamlet in China. For all I know, it seemed to be more about male sexual relationships on public toilets, but I could be wrong, I didn't watch it all.

Sometimes I don't get experimental theater, sometimes it's just too much. Sometimes I feel like it shouldn't be allowed to call some experimental theater for theater, it should be event, or happening, or just strange situation.

On another note, I find my stepmother is too funny. She's American, has been in Denmark for about 15 years, and she still cannot figure out how Danes can be so polite. She said americans would have been screaming at the actors and dancers for being too peculiar, but not the Danish nonentities, we just sit there and stare at the performers thinking that it's ok they act funny. Maybe the play would have been very different if the crowd were a bit more engaged and giving instant feedback, that's usually a plus in experimental theater. Who knows.

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