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What the #? 14.08.2003

Seems like TheCodingMonkeys are in some kind of dispute about the name for their killerapp Hydra, which features live document sharing via internet and Rendezvous.

All images displaying the name Hydra on their website has been blurred, and all ocurrences of the name in the text has been replaced with #'s. I wonder who is shaking them up for this, could it be Malte?

Update: Reading the news at #####'s website yielded this about the legal issues.


Andreas | web / 11:42 / 15th of august / 2003

I think they should just call the program ##### and call it a day :o)

~/j | web | @ / 12:34 / 15th of august / 2003

Actually, you are not the first to suggest just that (:

anoymous / 12:49 / 15th of august / 2003

No, it's not Malte, but he will have to watch his back too probably...

~/j | web | @ / 12:59 / 15th of august / 2003

I think you're right, anoymous, and by reading through the other google results it looks like a couple of other people need to be looking out too.

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