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Klisterlinks 14. februar, 2007 14.02.2007

  • I read this quote on a mailinglist I subscribe to a couple of days ago. I like it.

    Surely there is an equivalent to Godwin's Law along the lines of "as an online discussion about text editing grows longer, the probability of someone pointing out that Emacs is all you need approaches one."

  • Sometimes things you miss comes around in the weirdest way, due to teh interwebs. The combination of a scandinavian channel streaming episodes of a Danish comedy about 35-ish danish single woman looking for love in all the wrong places, made me sit for 2 hours staring at the screen yesterday, missing Copenhagen and my friends. [via]
  • Mike Pinkertons Google Tech Talk on Netscape, developing Open Source software, and on developing the Camino Browser. Specifically, he talks about what he and his peers learned in the process. Pretty interesting talk, weighs in at around 1hr.

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