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Character Transmogrifier revisited 13.11.2007

Several years ago I created a small tool that would let you write a sequence of characters and have these sequences transmogrified into the charming Danish letters æ, ø, and å. I wrote it because my dear friend Rasmus was going traveling, but still wanted to write legible emails using the Danish characters of his choice. So in the tool ae became æ, oe became ø, and aa became å. Simple.

For some time it was living on this site together with other services, but I forgot about it, in one of the many redesigns of this site most likely, but yesterday I was reminded about it by... Rasmus himself. He was in London, and needed it. I pointed him to the very old version living over here, and promised to revisit my transmogrifier written in PHP.

In the meantime, Christian Dalager build a nice HTML entitizer using javascript (I remember him suggesting client-side a long time ago for the transmogrifier, and he's right you know), so I consulted him, as I have done before, to ask if I could lift his code for my transmogrifier. Christian was cool with that. Thanks.

So go forth and transmogrify!


dalager | web | @ / 12:05 / 13th of november / 2007

Nice job!
More complete and definitely more easy on the eye :-)

Jonas Koch Bentzen / 13:03 / 13th of november / 2007

Det ville være smartere, hvis den automatisk udskiftede bogstaverne, mens man skriver:

Jonas Koch Bentzen / 13:05 / 13th of november / 2007

Okay, det XHTML, jeg skrev, forsvandt, men ideen var altså at bruge onkeyup='js_transmogriphy()' i textarea.

Jonas (the real one) (: | web / 13:13 / 13th of november / 2007

Thx Dalager (:

Jonas, det er slet ikke nogen tosset idé. Jeg er rimelig ringe til javascript, men jeg vil se om jeg kan dimse mig ud af det. Tak for tippet!

Andreas Haugstrup | web | @ / 17:34 / 13th of november / 2007

Dejligt redesign.

Irene | web | @ / 21:03 / 13th of november / 2007

'Tis also an option to install 2 keyboard drivers...

Jonas | web / 21:18 / 13th of november / 2007

'Tis indeed, but might not be a viable option in random internetcafé, or public computer place due to access restrictions.

Jonas | web / 23:33 / 21st of november / 2007

@Andreas: Tak (:

@Jonas: Ja, det var jo slet ikke så svært som jeg gjorde det til. Hermed implementeret. Tak for idéen.

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