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Watfords own Fiddy and MC Dicko 13.11.2006

I was introduced to the spoof artist 50 Pence a while ago, and seem to have never blogged about it, which is too bad, so here goes.

50 Pence is a spoof of 50 Cent, naturally, and he is actually Liam Don, of Watford. From this website you can download two songs (P.I.N.T. and In Da Pub) from the spoof album 'Get rich or claim benefit', and it makes me laugh.

It might make you laugh as well, unless it's terrible old news now. (:

On a related note, MC Dicko seems to be a terribly disgruntled british teenager.


Kristian | web | @ / 1:34 / 15th of november / 2006

Disgruntled or not, he's got an impressive vocabulary and l33t MS Paint skillz. McVities and a Land Rover in a ditch; instant classic.

jette christiansen | @ / 22:25 / 15th of november / 2006

hvad har du lige gang, knægt ?

Jonas | web / 17:01 / 16th of november / 2006

Jeg poster sjove ting på interwebbet mor! (:

Tore | web | @ / 17:51 / 16th of november / 2006

p0wNed by Mom! ROFLMAO!

David Blangstrup | web / 5:54 / 20th of november / 2006

Hvad har du lige gang i, Jonas? ;) Nåh, så det er det, du lærer i Google Irland, bortset fra at drikke pints. MC Dicko er i virkeligheden dig, ikke? Det skulle mor bare vide! Det var godt, at du sparkede det RysteRibs citat ind til sidst, så fik vi da list antidote til at det lowculture. Yo!

David Blangstrup | web / 5:56 / 20th of november / 2006

*lidt antidote til al det lowculture, skulle der vist have stået. Hvornår får vi en 'edit comment' her på din hjemmerullede php blog?

Jonas | web / 17:34 / 20th of november / 2006

Uha David, det har vist lange udsigter med en edit comment, så skal man jo oprette sig som bruger og al mulig! (:

(jeg er blevet ret god til at drikke pints, i øvrigt)

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