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Well whadayaknow, Cam has been 13.11.2001

Well whadayaknow, Cam has been bloggin', and what a contribution! This place might end up in Doodles Galore™ before you know it (-:

I am back from Berlin, and the trip was great! Some of my presupposed ideas of the city turned out to be right. The visual splitting up of the two parts was still somewhat noticeable, as for example around Alexanderplatz, while Friederichstrasse, where Checkpoint Charlie is, had transformed into this mighty trendy street with all the "right" shops [Gucci, Max Mara, Lafayette, etc.].

After my last tapping spree at the Museum of Communication. I went to the Reichstag to meet the fam, but I could only find my mother and my sister and her boyfriend, the rest of the posse was MIA somewhere in the city. To get in to the Reichstag you had to stand in line for roughly an hour, not really my favourite distraction when it is 3°c and windy, and luckily not the others favourite either. Instead we headed for the nearest café to munch on some cake and hot chocolate. The Reichstag looked striking though, an odd mix of old and new architecture, and it has a very postmodern feel to it. Norman Foster didn't sleep on the job that's for sure.

Sunday we headed out to spend the last hours of our stay in the biggest Zoo in Europe [see my ticket], before heading back to Copenhagen. It was a great extended weekend trip, but I messed up on one point. I forgot to check with my fellow crate diggers for any good wax spots in town. Would've been nice to come back with a couple of hard to get vinyls plus some of the stuff from the Compost label - next time, perchance.

While writing this, Thievery Corporation had me listening to sounds from their Hi-fi.

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