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Hey there, Okay let's see 13.11.2001

Hey there,

Okay let's see if this works. Thanks, Jonas for inviting me to doodle along. Got a big smile on my ugly face to see that invitation from you in Berlin. Damn your international boy.

So I just spent the last hour trying to fix up instant messenger on this computer... Tall computer-xpert with patient temper, good manners and time to spare acutely needed... So anyway, when I finally got it working I realized, that I'm such a dits. I'd forgotten all my buddies addresses. Jones: hit me up. It's something with macaddict...??

So just one small story tonight. It's already getting way to late for this puppy. Saturday I ran into this really cool person. You know one of those people, where you just can't seems to understand how they can exist in this peculiar world. They're just too precious. So I was on my way back from the city. A little hungry and too lazy to do some real shopping, so I figured a loaf of bread and some cheese could keep me going for the most of the weekend. Jep - I know! It's the first step in the downward spiraling slope towards cat-lady-lifestyle. I.e tinned cat food etc. Anyway, this time it was a real good plan. 'Cause this shop I walked into turned out to be owned by Marquis - a Moroccan immigrant - who's opened this 'Fromagerie' after several years of fruitless searching for a job as a chemical engineer in this moronic Danish country. If you don't have the right name in Denmark - i.e. if your name sounds to foreign - it seems to be close to impossible to use your skills. Hrmp!

However, having falling in love with a Danish chick - yep the classic story - Marquis had to make it work over here in Denmark. He started from scratch. Worked as a mailman, bought a tiny little dilapidated shop on Ndr. Frihavnsgade - a small street in Copenhagen - and started importing all sorts of French delicacies - namely cheeses and salamis. The blond (wife) split - couldn't handle the smell I guess? - and now he's working 60 hours a week and living with his sister in a tiny flat. So having been dumped by Danish women, employers and having to listen to lots of Islam-bashing lately, you'd think that the guy was just slightly bitter - if not down right cranky. But no. This is what makes life so special to me. Meeting people like Marquis, who's able to go through all of that and still have a spacious and zen-like peace about them. Sitting on this tiny chair in his cheese-shop, looking at him unpack and repack the cheeses every time a customer had bought a piece, listening to his quiet life story and background jazz I felt alive. 5 minutes or 20 years could have gone by. I don't know. It didn't matter.

I'd love to hook up some snazzy link now - Haven't got a clue how to. However I was listening to 'Brazilian Love Affair' - a CD Marquis gave me as a present!

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