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Remember Glen? 13.02.2007

It only takes one small clip on YouTube, to confirm that I missed out on something vital. I missed out on the P-Funk, live. I've seen it in fractions, but I never seen the original P-Funk line-up perform. Damn I would pay a small fortune to go back to 1976-78, and see them perform the P-Funk Earth Tour.

I've seen dabs of it, spread out on a couple of concerts. When seeing the J.B. Horns (Maceo, Pee Wee, Fred), in the early 90s in Copenhagen. The P-Funk All Stars playing at The Roskilde Festival in 1994, and again, the P-Funk All Stars playing in 1997 I think, in Copenhagen at what I remember as being an epic concert, and probably the longest one-band concert I've ever attended (3hrs, no breaks).

But thanks to YouTube, I can get a sence of what it was all like, and also, I get to hear Glen Goins on vocals, and see him in a live performance. Too bad he had to go so soon.

On a P-Funk related note:


Thomas | web / 2:24 / 21st of february / 2007

Yeah, it's great to be able to get a glimpse of the old P-Funkateers in action.

Maybe you will be able to catch George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars live Friday, March 9, 2007 at The Fillmore in San Francisco during your West Coast field trip next month.

Jonas / 20:38 / 25th of february / 2007

Argh, bummer, that's the day before I arrive, so you'll have to go alone, and take notes (and pictures) for me (:

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