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CSS preview in TextMate 13.01.2007

I love TextMate, and today I found another thing about it, which is really cool, and which I didn't know.

Hit the web preview on a CSS-file, and it renders a sample of each rule you have in your document.



Tore | web | @ / 21:55 / 13th of january / 2007

Shiny!? Have you by any chance been watching Firefly lately - or is that just g00glespeak for cool?

Other than that, superp tip. Cheers buddy!

Jonas / 2:39 / 14th of january / 2007

Haven't been watching the mentioned (TV-show, is it?) Firefly, I must admit, although it do seems to be worth it, according to the rating on IMDB.

The use of Shiny is a gift from usenet, to me, back in the days where I was actually active on usenet (:

The TextMate feature is superb! So simple, so useful.

Ask Bjørn Hansen | web | @ / 4:51 / 14th of january / 2007

The only bad thing about Firefly is that it got cancelled! :-)

- ask

Kristian | web | @ / 10:23 / 14th of january / 2007

Ooh, shiny :)

Nice vim colours btw :p

Tore | web | @ / 11:21 / 14th of january / 2007

Oh you old usenet h4xx0r, you!

And yes, check out the series - even though they cancelled it after only 13 episodes. The DVD has sixteen episodes though, which is a nice organic number, if I do say so myself.

Andreas Haugstrup | web | @ / 13:08 / 14th of january / 2007

Ditto on the "you should watch Firefly" (even if the DVD only has 14, not 16 episodes). :o)

After you've gone through Firefly you should check out Serenity - the feature film set with the same characters as Firefly:

Jonas | web / 18:52 / 14th of january / 2007

Seems like I missed out on something vital on the entertainment front. Must investigate Firefly (I'll take 13-16 episodes anytime), and Serenity, in the near future. Thanks for the pointer!

@Kristian: vim colours are always nice, even outside vim (:

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