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Version 2.1 - with Steelomatic™ enhancement. 13.01.2002

With the latest implementation of the :: Steelomatic :: to the left of you, you should now be able to view the site in the simple and solid layout entitled 'Gray', or the more colorful endeavour entitled 'Pantsy' [which is the default layout for first visitors]. Hopefully this will make your visit to more pleasureable, fuzzy, and cozy — which, after all, is why we are here.

The overall feel of the :: Steelomatic :: function will be dramatically enhanced if you visit with a standardscompliant browser [i.e. IE6/Win, NN6.x, Mozilla, Opera/Win, Galeon or IE5/mac]. Should you choose not to do so, you will still be served a readable functional wepage, kosher style, with the one exception of Netscape pre 6.x users. Visitors using this dinosaur will have to manually disable stylesheets in order to see the site in a readable manner.

There have been reports of visitors using IE6/Win being displayed a grey and black version of the page telling them to upgrade. If you experience this, please comment so I can find out whether this is the case for all IE6 visitors, or if the reported ones are isolated cases.

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Bio is the personal website of me, Jonas Voss, and this is my blog. I've lived in Dublin, Ireland from 2005-10, currently live in London, and was born and fully customized in Copenhagen, Denmark. I write about anything that comes to mind. Really.
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