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21960 illustrated 12.08.2003

Here are the images from my trip to Italy with Iben.

Unfortunately, I was experimenting with my camera a couple of days before we left, and had it set to underexpose the film. Stupidly, I didn't put it back, so some of the images are indeed experimental, and my Photoshop skills aren't good enough to fix it. Damn shame, but some of them are nice anyway.


David | web / 10:24 / 12th of august / 2003

Heldige rad! :-)

Romme | web / 12:28 / 12th of august / 2003

Enig med David. Billederne er da også et lækre ;-)

Kristian | web | @ / 9:29 / 13th of august / 2003

Damn you - nu bliver jeg snart nødt til at tage til Toscana igen. Det er jo også snart et år siden jeg var der sidst... ;o)


~/j | web | @ / 10:57 / 13th of august / 2003

Kristian, check din inbox...

Girasole kan man aldrig blive træt af at kigge på (:

Kristian | web | @ / 20:33 / 13th of august / 2003

Buon uomo, siete un amico della popolo.

~/j | web | @ / 8:34 / 14th of august / 2003

Grazie tante amico, da niente.

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