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Bah, you still here? 12.07.2006

So, this space has seen a high lack of priority as of late. Some would say the last 9 months, and I am inclined to agree with them. I've been busy working, and trying to figure out how long I was planning to stay around here in Dublin. Some weeks ago, the decision became somewhat easier, as the firm offered me a permanent employment contract, so I'll be hanging out here for a bit longer.

While some things changed to permanent, others are still temporary, like my 'home', which is currently a 12 m2 room, with the worst ever interiour layout, I've ever come across. The built-in closet effectively steals the part of the wall, where there would've been room for a table, and for no apparent reason. It must be an Irish thing...

So I am looking for the elusive 70 m2 centrally located bachelor pad, preferably a penthouse, with a price tag that doesn't result in me having to prostitue myself beside being full-time employed, to pay the rent. Unfortunately, they are not a dime a dozen in Dublin, or probably anywhere, for that matter, so I will probably definitely settle for a lot less, which is fine.

Maybe I'll even start blogging about the hunt, then at least I'll have something to write about (:


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Well Jonas, you could start off by trading paperclips...

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