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All is well that ends well 11.11.2006

Morgan at IFI

A friend and I was at the IFI, having a drink, and so was he. He came over to our table, and asked if he could sit down, and of course he could.

He looked scruffy, had wounds on his hands, and seemed to live in the gutter. He wanted me to write down his stories, but instead I recorded them on my phone, he was ok with that.

His name was Morgan, and this is one of his stories. He talks about a beggar who tried to rob him of his 30 euro. I apologise for the quality of the recording, as some clarity is lost, but phones aren't really meant to do interviews.

Next time, Morgan tells you about life on the road as a musician in the 60s. Stay tuned.


troels | web | @ / 15:55 / 11th of november / 2006

Morgan sounds like just the kind of fellow, I would buy a beer a listen to the stories from his life. Fantastic!

I can't understand half of what he's saying, but he sure sounds like a cool guy :)

Rasmus | web | @ / 1:02 / 12th of november / 2006

Jonas, you are my hero!

Jonas | web / 17:14 / 12th of november / 2006

@troels: Morgan was pretty cool indeed, and it is mostly due to the phone recording that you can't hear what he said. He talked fairly understandable, for an Irishman (:

@Rasmus: Mutual heroes, I like that!

Tore | web | @ / 20:55 / 14th of november / 2006

Finally got around to hearing this, Jonas.

"I done me a bit of travelling..."


Jan | web | @ / 22:10 / 14th of november / 2006

Downloaded! I´ll check him out!

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