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Just arrived 11.03.2007

Writing this from the hotel in San Francisco, weather is nice and I am totally jet-laged after 16 hours of travel from Dublin.

Heading to a house party later on somewhere in the city, but first off is catching some shuteyes, and then some food.

Can't wait to see the city tomorrow, hopefully with more sleep behind me, and not too many hangovers (:

Update: Visuals...
Mexican fast food joint Fridge Alex saying....

Update update: More Visuals...


plok | web | @ / 17:00 / 11th of march / 2007

Ooh, sweet San Francisco. Enjoy!

Jonas | web / 4:45 / 12th of march / 2007

Thanks plok, so far, not too shabby! (:

rkk | web | @ / 7:27 / 12th of march / 2007

You should drop by Berkeley, the seemingly endless supply computer science goodies.
(and unfortunately also Vi ;)

Søster | @ / 1:29 / 13th of march / 2007

San Francisco and the weather looks fantastic...lucky you!

Thomas | web / 5:21 / 13th of march / 2007

It was great to see you Sunday afternoon — and to walk around town on such a beautiful day.

Jonas | web / 6:26 / 13th of march / 2007

Thomas, it was so great walking around with you yesterday, thanks for showing me your neck of the woods, and the weather really topped it (: Maybe you can show me around Berkeley as Rasmus suggests? That would satisfy my inner geek, the source of Mac OS X (eventually), and Vi(m) of course (:

Søster, I promise a lot more pictures are on the way, loads....

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