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Espectacular! 10.12.2009

bug vs rodent on Rua Jardim Botanico

I was in Brazil recently. It was good, and I fell in love. No wonder this country produced all these beautiful kinds of music. I got high on the intake of pão de queijo, açai-drinks, and meat fests. Good lord what goodness. A dangerous mix, but good.

Spent some time in Rio de Janeiro, the most violent city in the world, with 5000 murders committed just last year. You'd think that spending a week in a city like that would confront you with some of that ugliness seeping through the cracks somewhere. But for 168 hours I didn't see any of this ugliness. Mind you, I didn't look for it either. Reading this article in the Guardian upon returning makes you feel like YADT (Yet Another Dumb Tourist), who only helps maintain a status quo of the social situation. FYI, I did not purchase any illicit favors, or get high on South American drugs, but that doesn't make you feel any less of a tourist ass.

Also spend time not in Rio de Janeiro. Equally "espectacular", but that's another post. Pictures in abundance

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