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Roisin Murphy 10.12.2007

Róisín Murphy played at The Village yesterday. Great show, very packed though, but Róisín has charisma by the bloody truckloads. I managed to record some video, enjoy.

I'm quite surprised with the quality of the sound on my phone, but the video quality isn't fabulous, unfortunately.


David Blangstrup | web / 18:28 / 10th of december / 2007

Whoa, yes, I just discovered yesterday on iTunes that she is identical to Moloko, the female part. Great voice. Thnx!

Kristian | web | @ / 17:03 / 11th of december / 2007

Your video shows the same thing I noticed at the Kent concert I went to on Sunday - the proliferation of personal video recorders at concerts. It irks me a bit - "I went to see a concert, but all I got was the glare from your screens" ;-)

Jonas | web / 21:39 / 11th of december / 2007

@David: You are most welcome:

@Kristian: Yes, you are right, lots of people record concerts these days in one way or another, and it does get slightly annoying at some point, but I really wanted something to keep from this concert, apart from the experience and the good company.

Kristian | web | @ / 14:06 / 13th of december / 2007

Jonas - it's okay as long as you keep taking as nice shots as you do :-)

Jonas | web / 15:13 / 17th of december / 2007

Thank you much sir, you are too kind, really (:

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