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Still in Berlin 10.11.2001

After a full day of not bloggin' it's time to get back to bizzneez. Spend most of the day wandering around Berlin, trying to find some cool places to drink coffee and lounge - but I didn't really succeed. Instead I managed to have a seat in a Audi TT, get a good look at the new Bugatti (I am not really into cars, but this one made feel like driving - it was red hot!)

Rigth now I am at the Museum of Communication which, of course, sports an armada of flatscreen Fujitsu Siemens with a nice web hook-up. From here I read a nice mail from Camilla, a very close friend of mine, who will be a guest-doodler on these pages from time to time - when she feels like it really. No strings attached - OK Cam?

Yesterday we went to the Berliner Philharmonic to hear Beethoven and Schostakowitch. The building was really fascinating, all non-parallel lines inside and outside - and the philharmonics played beautifull. Bought a couple of CD's; Prokofievs Romeo + Juliet & Beethovens Trippelkoncert - can't wait to hear them at home...loud.

In half an hour I am going to the Reichstag to meet the fam, and probably stand in line to be able to get in, and look at this glasdome they put in the middle of the place. Looks weird from the outside. So, gotta go, I hope any germans reading this page will excuse my erroneus spelling of any german words.

At the Museum of Communication I listened to the tapping of keyboards by fellow surfers, and dodged the eyes of the inspector who obviously thought what I was doing was a bit potty.

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