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Google, Jaiku and Experimental Search 10.10.2007

Got IM'ed by Lella this morning with a Google bought Jaiku. Went through my Reader and sure enough, Google aquired Jaiku. Holy crap! That's brilliant, congratulations Google, and congratulations Jaiku, and congratulations to you, right there, I am sure something excellent will come out of this for the end-user. Even though I am more of a twitter kinda guy, I still think Jaiku is great.

In other news, Google launched Experimental Search, where you can now fiddle around with various personalisations and different ways of interacting with search results (keyboard shortcuts for search result pages, anyone?).


henriette weber andersen | web | @ / 11:34 / 10th of october / 2007

Hey - it is indeed great news =) - i am really excited both for the sake of the team but also for the future of microblogging.. yey from here =)

Jonas | web / 12:11 / 10th of october / 2007

Yeah, good on ya Henriette, congratulations to all of you at Jaiku!

Now I know which team I have to file a transfer for (:

jdreng | web | @ / 16:33 / 10th of october / 2007

That experimental search looks kinda promising, although I'm not sure, if I will use it in everyday searches. I can definately see how I could gain from this when researching at work, though.

Jonas | web / 17:25 / 10th of october / 2007

@jdreng: Agree. So far I've only tried the keyboard shortcuts one, which is awfully handy IMO. The others looks intriguing, will play around with them eventually.

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