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5 things that's been grinding my gears lately 10.09.2008

  1. The apparent demise of muxtape
  2. Wall-to-wall carpets. Seriously, what's up with the Irish and those carpets? They are everywhere
  3. The lack of Cherry Coke in continental Europe
  4. Ceilings with mold on them. They are hard to get accustomed to
  5. That I'm not in Mauritius, because it's obviously a nice place to be


David Blangstrup / 6:11 / 10th of september / 2008

What about vanilla coke?

Jonas | web / 10:12 / 10th of september / 2008

Yes, Vanilla coke as well!

Thomas | web / 12:03 / 10th of september / 2008

Re: Muxtape: Try installing and running Opentape... and then you can sort out any problems with the RIAA yourself.

Jonas | web / 1:53 / 11th of september / 2008

Thanks for the tip, and I'm waaay ahead of you (: I made one a while ago, maybe I should update with more tracks that actually work?

Kristian | web | @ / 14:41 / 11th of september / 2008

For vanilla and cherry coke, just go to lovely Amsterdam. They also have vanilla coke in Germany, IIRC. So "continental Europe" is painting with broader strokes than warranted ;-)

Jonas | web / 14:53 / 11th of september / 2008

Ok, so I might've generalized a weee bit too much (:

I should obviously live in A'dam or Germany, but then again...

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