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Turkey blocks access to Google Groups 10.04.2008

Turkish court ruling bans access to Google Groups. Nice to know they are applying for membership in EU. Actions like this really makes the Turkish government look like they embrace openness and democratic principles.

Not to mention their repeated block of YouTube because a video offending Ataturk was on YouTube.

Assuming the block is because someone mentioned Ataturk on Google Groups in less glorifying terms, doing a search for the query Ataturk reveals, that these postings are not posted to groups only accessible through Google Groups, but rather on Usenet. Blocking that content will be pretty tough for the Turkish government, unless they block access to the internet completely.

I think this qualifies as a fail, on all counts.


lella | web | @ / 17:04 / 10th of april / 2008

PS: Article 18!

Pedro Dias | web | @ / 21:09 / 10th of april / 2008

It seems we are in the "Block season"... Brazil just decided to block the whole

For who reads Portuguese or use Google translator:

Holy ignorance... Sheesh...

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