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Roadtrip to Donegal 10.03.2008

I went on a roadtrip this weekend with two friends. Destination: Donegal, a county whose motto is "Up here, it's all different" or something similar. Everything pretty much is different; the way they talk, their friendliness, the weather, the way they drive, you name it.

Chillaxing in the dunes at Maghera Bay.This weekend had a storm warning, and it certainly was windy up there, but it didn't seem like the weather this weekend was different from any other weekend to the locals. I think it's always pretty rough in Donegal.

The picture is of my two compadres, resting in the dunes at Maghera Bay, in the central west of Donegal. It is certainly one of the most beautiful and varied coastlines I've ever seen. Golden sand beaches interspersed with headlands breaking 5 meter waves with huge splashes at the foot of impressively tall and majestic cliffs (Donegal holds some of Europe's tallest Cliffs). The weather was unpredictable to say the least, which was expected. Within 10 minutes we had sunshine, heavy rain, and hail combined with almost no wind, or gale force winds.

It was great to be outside Dublin for a change, and my only new years resolution of "exploring more of Ireland" is looking pretty good so far. More pictures will be up on my 23-account as I get them processed and selected.

Here's a slideshow with some of the pictures I took on the trip:


Alfredo | web | @ / 14:47 / 5th of april / 2008

Nice photos! Donegal is definetly the next place i want to visit in ireland, hopefully with a (quite) nice weather.

Jonas | web / 17:23 / 5th of april / 2008

Thanks Alfredo. I encourage you to take a trip to Donegal, it was beautiful, even with the rugged changeable weather. I think it adds to the experience a lot, made it more authentic (:

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