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*nixified 09.01.2002

Had my first remote hands-on experience [how's that for an oxymoron?] with a unix system today, and it was of need more than pleasure. My host did some maintenance yesterday on the server that hosts my site including an upgrade to some Unix-files, more specifically the Berkeley DB Libraries [of which I have never heard of, but they are obvioulsy pretty vital]. This resulted in my MT account being temporarily unaccessible, leaving me unbloggable (eeeeffff!). So naturally, I had to react, Ben from Moveable Type pointed me in the right direction [RTFM], so I went on to beg my host to grant me SSH access to the server, and I got it. Then I picked up MacSSH from versiontracker, and spent well into the morning trying to figure out what all the bleeding buttons and levers was for in that application, but with no luck.

Then, today at work, my boss showed me the ropes with an SSH client for NT (memory shortage, name escapes my mind), and by the push of a button, which I thought was the Macintosh way of doing things, I was happily typing % ls /home/yaddad/blahblah in that interface challenged GUI that characterises the terminal window of a SSH client. Now it's working again, and I even learned something today too. What more can I ask for — the moon on a stick per chance?

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