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Not the same without... 08.07.2002, I am a sucker for music. You rarely spot me outside my flat without my minidisc and my headphones.

I bring my system everywhere, to work, to parties, and when I travel. My bike ride to school or work in the morning has always been accompanied by music in my ears, but today it wasn't. I haven't updated my minidiscs for a while, so I couldn't find one that I hadn't heard at least a million times, so I opted for the no music solution.

It was strange to go through the city without the music I've gotten so used to. All the places that looked pretty accompanied by Curtis Mayfield or Talvin Singh suddenly looked bland and unattractive, people didn't seem to smile as much as usual, and I even think the outskirts of Vesterbro lost its hint of ghetto without Mobb Deep booming in my headphones. So, the first thing I did when I came home today was to record a fresh minidisc — can't move without music.

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