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Things I wanted to blog about, but never got around to 08.06.2006

Time flies, so without further ado, here are things I wanted to make lenghty entries about, but never got around to:

  • The recommended combo: 4 colleagues, a long weekend, a fat whip, and the Garden Party as the centerpiece
  • I finally got to see Fat Freddy's Drop live (thank you boys), and jump around to Spank Rock, but missed out on both Toots and the Maytals, and Desmond Dekker (R.I.P.)
  • Policemen in civil clothes wielding machine guns (and not trying to cover it)
  • Summer in Dublin
  • That a turkey (the bird) in English, is called Peru (like the country) in Portuguese. I think it should be renamed alltogether to 'that country bird'.
  • Why not attending reboot8 got on my tits
  • Car alarms in Dublin

I seem to be having a list period these days.


troels | web | @ / 22:04 / 8th of june / 2006

Ahhh. Toots. Har du hørt Broadway Jungle?

Ja det har du såfølgelig.. må lave en morgenliste opfølgning..

Jonas | web / 12:42 / 9th of june / 2006

Må tilstå, at jeg ikke har hørt Broadway Jungle, please enlighten me... (:

Rasmus | web | @ / 20:22 / 9th of june / 2006

I wanna hear more about your tits! ... or maybe not.

Rasmus | web | @ / 19:33 / 11th of june / 2006

Så fik du endelig set FFD hva.. håber det var en ligeså overdrevet vild oplevelse som da jeg så dem.. :)

Jonas | web / 19:03 / 13th of june / 2006

@Rasmus: You don't, trust me on this one (:

@Rasmus (endnu en): Jeps, det var superfedt, selvom de desværre spillede lidt kort. Men vejret var godt, og humøret højt (:

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