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Yesterday was a good day 07.11.2007

Here's why:

  • I got promoted, yay!
  • I got my new phone, a Nokia N95
  • I spend the entire evening at home, living a fairytale

Tuesdays really has a certain air of magic to them these days. Maybe I should play the lottery the coming Tuesday?


Michael | web | @ / 15:25 / 7th of november / 2007

Tuesdays seems to be good days to play lottery.

Emmet | web | @ / 15:58 / 7th of november / 2007

Congratulations! I had a good day too — a promotion *and* Masters qualification. Sad to say that today isn't turning out to be quite as productive...

Jane / 16:05 / 7th of november / 2007

Hey congrats! What's that promotion about?

Jonas | web / 16:33 / 7th of november / 2007

@Michael: Damn, next Tuesday it is then!

@Emmet: hey, congrats Emmet, that's a nice double whammie! I think I already told you once, but I really dig the project you did. Ditto regarding productivity.

@Jane: Well, promotion = more responsibilites and a slightly bigger paycheck. Iz nice (:

Graham | web / 16:39 / 7th of november / 2007

Yay! A fine Tuesday indeed.

Pumpkin / 17:31 / 7th of november / 2007

I'd choose the fairytale every time...;-)

David Blangstrup / 17:53 / 7th of november / 2007

gz! ;)

Rasmus | web | @ / 1:12 / 8th of november / 2007

Yay! Go, Jonas! I am having a good day today (Wednesday). I wonder if that's just the time difference or if your good karma is rubbing off. :)

Jan | web | @ / 5:56 / 8th of november / 2007

congratz!! daaaas it!

den lille havfrue / 1:08 / 9th of november / 2007

I also got a N95 on the same day... and I was also living a fairy tale... :))) no fecking promotions though, not even a job :D

Jonas | web / 16:05 / 10th of november / 2007

Thx everybody!

Pumpkin: Mmm, they are good, aren't they?

David, what does gz means?

Rasmus: I can imagine it's karma rubbing off, I still have lots to spare I tell ya!

Jan: daaaas basically it, yes. Thanks (:

havfrue: Coincidence? I think not... (;

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