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Status report from Berlin 07.11.2001

Sitting on a monster internetcafé with 350 pc's on Kurfürstendam in Berlin. Damn i am such a looser — haven't been in the city for more than four hours and I already had to get online... I hope you'll excuse me for the many tzpos, but these damn krautkezboards, thez mixed it all up, it#s no longer a qwerty-kezboard, it#s qwertz-kezboard. See what I mean? It looks even worse if zou trz to write saomething in Danish, so — I'll spare zou.

So after a really nice trainride with breakfast on board, prepared by ourselves, we arrived in Berlin at 15: something. Weather is autumnlike, and on the waz down we passed through a lot of forrests, with the most beautiful colour palettes. Mostlz orange and brown, but then someplaces there were pine trees mixed with the others, made up nice patches of deep green with the orangebrown-thingy. Maybe that ought to be the next color scheme for mz website. Oh gotta publish this stuff — credit is running out.

Forgot my minidisc at the hotel, so i heard reallz crap music on the café while posting this (-;

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