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1:10 society 07.10.2002

According to many a prophecy, we ought to have a paperless society by now, only exchanging written information by bits and bytes, typing memo's with featherlike pseudoink on hi-tech parchment. But as prophecies goes, we are nowhere near this state of digitalness. Emails still get printed and archived, instead of zip'ed and tar'ed, small handy leatherbound calendars are still made heavier by ways of letters scribbled in lead instead of liquid crystals on backlit displays, and only a minute amount of forms are being digitized.

Just today I read in the paper paper, that for each form a citizen fills out in the contact with the municipality, the municipality fills out 10 for their internal communications and registrations apparatus. This doesn't seem very fruitfull nor paperless.

Is this the proof that we, humans, are merely computers, or computational devices, our selves? Like electrons scanning the surface of harddisks for recognizeable data, we'd rather scour drawers and file cabinets for that particular important document, instead of consulting a computer for the locations of these quasi-physical documents?

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