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Time for a cup 07.07.2002

And none of that decaf stuff for me, thanks. The new look and feel of makes extensive use of CSS2 for positioning of elements, which has the unfortunate side effect of presenting the site virtually useless in anything less than Mozilla 1.0 and IE5.x for Mac. I've tried to make a little PHP-browsersniffer, but sniffers are at its best pretty bad, so I don't expect too much of it. But, hopefully it will serve the pages readable for anybody using other surfing vehichles than the ones mentioned. Let me know if I failed [horribly].

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback everybody, I think I managed to make it look almost presentable now in IE5.x and IE6 for wintellians, but I had to cut back seriously on the CSS. I think I have a lot more studying to do before I can make it look nice in most browsers — bleah.

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