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I promise 06.11.2007

I will never again say the following euphemisms:

  • "feel free to " to anybody. It's a degradation of language and communication, as there's no freedom associated with it, at all. In some situations, it is usually better substituted with a direct order instead.
  • Go ahead and
  • Going forward. Whatever happened to 'in the future', 'from now on'? Oh, not enough momentum, or dynamic in those expressions, ok. I get it. Still sounds like bollix to me, but I'll buy it for now

The ultimate is the combination of them all, as in: Going forward, please feel free to go ahead and do the dishes, which is a euphemism for saying, get off ya fecking arse and do the dishes in the coming eternity, or somebody is gonna get a hurt real bad.

So why am I bitching about this? Because it's corporate sp34k, of which I get a big dose everyday, and it's really seriously grinding my gears. I'll make it my trademark, my signature, to never use the above, in any communication. Oh, and one final thing, I'll immediately stop signing my emails with a thanks, when there's no need for it.


Rasmus | web | @ / 1:56 / 7th of november / 2007

Feel free to read this comment. :P

Jonas | web / 1:59 / 7th of november / 2007

I migth have to ask you to go ahead, and ask me to delete that comment of yours (:

Roberto | web | @ / 9:15 / 7th of november / 2007

:-D LOL man, this is what we were talking about today...I never noticed you had a thank in your email could replace it with cheers...

Roberto | web | @ / 9:16 / 7th of november / 2007

not to talk about your "send" is really bad for you, jonsi!

Alfredo | web | @ / 13:32 / 7th of november / 2007

Would'nt be nice to stop all the "sorry", when there is no need at all for them? They are so common here.

Irene | web | @ / 14:40 / 7th of november / 2007

Have you thought of 'up-scaling' your workforce and thereby 'progress the situation' to 'grow your business' recently?
Merely a few of my personal pet hates!

papish / 11:17 / 16th of november / 2007

I'm gonna go ahead and ask you to go ahead and save room for 'Office Space'-qoutes.

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