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Weehee, now I have all 06.11.2001

Weeheee! Now I have all the template ladeedadee working. I am kind of happy with the looks of it. It is only a revamping of one the templates that is provided by, but it looks nifty enough. Regarding this whole blogging-thing, I gotta admit I really dig the idea, but I would never have done it if it weren't for Eric. Thanks dude (-:

I think this might be a way for me to communicate with myself in another way. I thought about starting to write a diary, but I never got down to actually doing it. This way, blogging, it is like I am writing for a non-existing audience, and in the end I am actually just doing this for myself. I consider it very cheap therapy. On top of that, it combines things I really like — writing, the Web, my life [really]. I think I might reconsider only posting in English, after all, Danish is my native tongue, and sometimes expressing yourself in a foreign language is quite difficult. So, if you stumble over a post in Danish it is probably because I felt some really deep thoughts surfacing.

I already made a section for Haiku's, even though I haven't written that many myself yet. Hopefully they will come, when inspiration allows.

Meshell NdegéOcello kept me company while writing this.

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