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Mac Vs. PC 06.02.2007

Just to fuel the neverending battle between Mac and PC, here's some stuff for the fire.

  • Laurie McGuinness | Mac PC Spoofs, nice spoofs on those pesky Mac ads, always showing the mac as some cool laid back piece of plastic person.
  • I hate Macs, a Comment is free article by Charlie Brooker at the Guardian. The article itself is very funny, but the best part is the comments. Every prejudism is represented, from all angles, being it mac or pc. We get the One-button mouse argument, the gaming argument, the best graphic platform argument, etc ad nauseam. Nothing new here, both mac and pc users makes complete asses of themselves, great entertainment. They even manage to confirm Godwin's law, several times in the comments. Way to go.


David Blangstrup | web / 16:31 / 6th of february / 2007

macs are better because YOU own one!

Jonas | web / 16:34 / 6th of february / 2007

And PCs are better for the same reason, if YOU own one!

That's a great beginning for an objective discussion anywhere (:

David Blangstrup | web / 16:35 / 6th of february / 2007

Yes! We did it!
[close thread]

Jonas | web / 16:42 / 6th of february / 2007

Yeah, just close the thread, that's what Hitler would've done!

(Godwin's Law fulfilled in just 4 posts, personal record for me (: )

Tore | web | @ / 8:07 / 7th of february / 2007


Christian Bech | @ / 14:52 / 9th of february / 2007

Er du stadigvæk sur over at du blev drillet med din pc i dk.edb.mac, David?

Thomas | web / 0:17 / 10th of february / 2007

...and I thought the Mac was a PC!

Since when did 'PC' become synonymous with a 'PC running Microsoft Windows'? Some of us—-a minority, granted—-are fortunate to be running a different OS than Window on our PCs.

Jonas | web / 17:54 / 12th of february / 2007

@Christan: Jeg tror stadig David er lidt mopset over at han blev drillet dengang (:

@Thomas: I agree, there seems to be some confusion still about the difference between a PC and a Mac, which is precisely none, as you point out. Some day, hopefully, I will be running another minority OS on my Mac (:

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