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For some reason 05.12.2001

For some reason the people at KPMG demand that you have a formal agreement with them before linking to their website. Obviously this is just an invitation too good to be true, so everybody is invited to link to the poor sods, as I were via Eric, CamWorld, Kottke and raettig.

Formal agreement? Me? Pffft! Fat chance... You see, I link to anybody I like, here is one for Satan and I'll put it right next to one for the Pope, see if anybody care about that?

I have been looking around their site to find out what the KPMG is short for, but they seem reluctant to tell, so I conclude it isn't an abbreviation for anything that exciting.

As an extended service here is a link to their Danish website, which looks less like a dogs dinner than the original does in Mozilla 0.9.6.

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