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21960 05.08.2003

Glittering black magnetic sand sticks to my calf as I get up on my elbows, my eyes catching the wind surfers cutting up the horizon of the Ligurian Sea stretching beyond the bay. She is next to me, purple, turquoise, and tanned, sea salt crystallized in the fine fuzz on her back. I remove a tiny bit of dried seaweed stuck on her back, she turns, looks, and smile. She is all wrapped up in Rabbit and Janice, while I have been laughing duly at a satirical take on Armageddon, kindly sponsored by The Penguin.

She and I have been busy doing nothing, literally. Nothing at all. When the temperature is pushing 39 degrees celcius in the shade around 3 pm, you don't feel like doing anything, except getting lost in her blueish gray lakes of sweetness, and staring at the curvy outlines of her mesmerizing lips, and maybe read a good book and splash around the Ligurian Sea.

So that is what we did, for 21960 minutes. Photos might follow.


Andreas | web / 18:50 / 6th of august / 2003

It sounds like you enjoyed your get-away to the south. I am enjoying the nice cool weather of Denmark.

Please do provide photos!

Eric | web | @ / 17:57 / 11th of august / 2003

Post the pics, brother!

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