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Random conclusions this weekend 05.08.2002

  1. Please, settle for one way of constructing your links Jonas! Yaa, I changed them again, sorry. But I also added a search box for my 404 page, hows about that?
  2. Murphian law around here dictates it to rain whenever I put out laundry to dry on my balcony. This time it really overdid it though, the basement in my building got flooded.
  3. Installing Xfree via Fink on OS X is hella time consuming, and renders XDarwin buggy at best. Probable error list: Me.
  4. Installing leafnode via Fink, nukes your mysql user. Note to self: Make backups of tables regularly next time, mmkay?
  5. You can have more than one tropical night a year in Denmark.
  6. Large parts of the text to 'Strangling Me With Your Love' from Defunkts "Thermonuclear Sweat" still puzzles me in more than one way. Especially the bit about making love to a photo copy and leaving the room in perfect order.
  7. Leafnode and slrn (unix-blessings via Fink) is a nippy newsreader setup via (no, really, it is - thanks Morten!). I will concoct a how-to page in Danish, eventually.
  8. Deep inside, Rune is a mac-user. Keep your head up brother, you'll get there!

UPDATE: Thanks to Marc Liyanage's remove mysql-script and a little back-up of /usr/local/mysql/data/ I managed to get the SQL server rolled back to prior state without loosing any data. Thanks Marc!

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