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Using the O2 Wireless Box II as a bridge 05.06.2011

When I moved to London and picked a company for my internet connection, I went with O2 as I already had my mobile contract with them, so figured it would come with a little discount if I went with their broadband package as well. It did, so that was all well and good.

The only problem was, that my connection is a modem solution, and not a cable solution, as there's no cable coverage in my area, I guess. The problem with this is, that I like to use my own router, because you can usually make them do more tricks than the one made available by the telco.

I have a Linksys WRT54GL router, which you can hack to bits, and that's why I got it. There are number of great open source firmwares out there for this router, including dd-wrt, tomato, and OpenWrt. I like a good and memorable name, so I went with tomato.

O2 supplies their ADSL broadband customers with a wireless router, the O2 Wireless Box II, connected directly to the wall, to get the ADSL connection. This means there is no modem in between, to which you can connect your router, and be a happier geek.

Except, there is.

The trick is to setup the O2 Wireless II box to function as a bridge, and to do that, you need to do some CLI-gymnastics in a telnet prompt, but if you are up for the task, it actually works!

I found Luke's instructions over on Nothing But Reboots to be of great help in this regard. I followed them point by point, and I now have my O2 Wireless Box II working as a bridge to my WRT54GL running tomato. The only difference is, that O2 seems to have changed the password for the SuperUser account to be the serial number of your O2 box, which doubtlessly makes it less insecure than before.

Happy days, and a more stable wireless experience.


bj | @ / 20:20 / 15th of december / 2013

I am unable to load the website you suggested.The page is down. Do you have a copy of the steps to make the router o2box working as a bridge pls

JC | @ / 18:09 / 23rd of december / 2013

bj – try using the web archive to view the instructions:

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