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Another case of tardiness 05.02.2008

Blogblock, or just nothing to write about? The jury is still out on that.

In the meantime, here's some commented links:

  • There are lies, damn lies, and then there's Morten Lund's graphs. In case you didn't know, the graph is there to illustrate that giving up is not part of their vocabulary.
  • I got my extension tubes for my 50mm prime. Now I just have to start shooting some photos again. I was inspired from this DPS article which talks about the cheap alternatives to buying a very expensive macro lens.
  • Danish National Broadcast station is beta-testing a new website. Looks green.
  • My flirt with Drupal has now lasted around two months. It got off on a not so high note, but I think we are slowly coming to terms with each other, and finding some common ground and harmony.


David Blangstrup | @ / 6:59 / 6th of february / 2008

Have you tried ? ;)

Jonas | web / 13:04 / 6th of february / 2008

I haven't checked out spip, but it looks promising. It wouldn't work for what we needed though, it's a little big (or at least we hope it will be) (:

Calvin | web | @ / 4:46 / 7th of february / 2008

I thinking of learning how to use Drupal - but end up with Joomla instead. But Joomla is load a lot slower than Drupal - that's some of the thing that make Joomla less attractive.

Jonas | web / 11:23 / 8th of february / 2008

Hmm, it might have something to do with your hosting provider. My experience with Drupal was extreme slowness until we changed provider, where the database was on the same domain. Made drupal faster in an instant! What is your setup with Joomla like? Could something like that cause it to be very slow?

Calvin | web | @ / 16:56 / 8th of february / 2008

Yeah that could probably one of the reason why it slower. However I haven't tried change hosting - as it involves transferring databases (which is something I have yet to know how to do it myself). However, most of the webmasters I talked to tend to have similar complaints about Joomla.

But one thing I love about Joomla is that it literally have thousands of easily customize templates - just like wordpress. A little bit of css knowledge is all you need really.

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