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My fling with eyetracking, for your perusal 05.01.2008

In November 2005 I handed in my thesis on using eyetracking as a control input in computer games. It started out as a very ambitious project, and I was planning prototyping, user tests, and interviews with people in the know. I was heavily inspired by a project I did with Tore back in 2003 (which I would actually recommend reading instead of my thesis linked here).

It was too ambitious, however, and the thesis ended up being purely theoretical, and pretty boring I have to admit. I got an average grade for it as well, which I was quite pleased with however, but I never properly got around the topic I wanted to cover. And it wasn't because I didn't have the time for it, I was just pricking around too much, and the only factors that kicked me into submission was my supervisor (hat-tip), and moving to Dublin.

Anywho, in a sudden flash of feeling somebody might find the content of the thesis useful, even though it's a couple of years old (it might serve as a good example of how to write an average thesis), I am releasing it into the wild, for your perusal. If you actually make your way through it, and have questions or comments, please do drop them in a mail or in the comments to this post.

→ Download Where the Hands Meet the Eye — Master thesis, November 2005.


mattia / 11:28 / 25th of january / 2008

check this

if you are still interesting in the field...some more links in the comments on the post

hahahahaha, LUV the "daaaas it"

Jonas | web / 12:54 / 26th of january / 2008

Ooh, very interesting read Mattia, thanks for the pointer. Yeh, the submit button is the result of a work related injury (:

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