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Flickr Greasemonkey scripts for Camino and Safari 04.04.2008

Greasemonkey logoGreasemonkey is a great Firefox extension which lets you modify the content of a webpage at loadtime. This is great for many reasons, in particular on sites like Flickr, where some functionality might be a bit too cumbersome to get to, if you are a poweruser.

Some excellent user scripts for Flickr has been written, which enables you to do a lot of things faster/better/smarter on the site, but Greasemonkey only works with Firefox, right?

flickr love you

Well, yeh, it does, actually, but there are alternatives to make the user scripts work in other browsers. User scripts are slated as a feature in a future release of Camino (fingers crossed), but until then, you'll have to make do with Geekmonkey. Geekmonkey turns user scripts into bookmarklets, which are not as elegant as properly injected scripts, but at least they do give you some of the functionality they provide. User scripts that uses Ajax won't work with Geekmonkey though.

For Safari, Kato Katuyoshi has created GreaseKit, which provides the same functionality as Greasemonkey, for all WebKit based applications. So far, the results are pretty good, but still some user scripts for Greasemonkey won't work under GreaseKit.

User scripts with Safari+GreaseKit or Camino+Geekmonkey

Using Safari+GreaseKit, these should work the same way as Greasemonkey scripts work. Using Camino+Geekmonkey these will all work as bookmarklets that you have to activate each time you want to use them when on flickr.

  • Add referer to comments — because it's always nice to see where people who see your pictures come from
  • Move comment form up — highly useful, as it lets you view the image at the same time as you comment on it. Admittedly, mostly useful for photo pages that has a bunch of comments already, but still, pretty useful
  • Buddy Icon Reply — enables you to insert either the name or the icon of the person you are replying to in a comment by the click of the mouse
  • Lights out — enables you to either dim or make the background off a photo page completely black. Gives you a better impression of the photo without all the other noise on the page (with Safari, you have to choose 'All Sizes' on a picture for this script to kick in)

I'm sure there are other user scripts that works with these two work-arounds, but these are the ones I installed in a flash with no problem.

Of course, I could just use Firefox and have the full bag of chips with the dip, but Firefox just isn't as snappy as Camino and/or Safari on a 5 year old G4 PowerBook.


harold bishop | @ / 21:25 / 20th of july / 2010

the latest versions of "multi group sender", "flickr pm" and "show all in pool by user" by Steeev all work on safari

Jonas | @ / 21:34 / 20th of july / 2010

Hi Harold, thanks for the info, Safari users will be happy about this.

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