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A crate of Beats 03.06.2002

Saturday turned out to be another fine day for the Danish hip hop community, as Cinemateket had a special arrangement on beat diggin' and scratching. a part of their summer Rock Dok [Rock documentary] series.

First movie was "Beat Diggin'" by Danish director Jesper Jensen, a short film documentary on the art of beat diggin' featuring interviews with Diamond D, Evil D, and Showbiz among others. Then it was on to Doug Pray's Scratch, a documentary about the artform of DJ-ing and turntablism, with interviews spanning from the originators like Grand Wizard Theodore, Jazzy Jay, Afrika Bambaataa, GrandMixer DXT, and Steve Dee, to Mixmaster Mike, DJ Qbert, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Babu of The Dilated Peoples, Roc Raida and a bunch of other artists representing the scenery of the DJ landscape as it looks today.

Excellent documentary, which revealed why Shadow has the sickest samples on his releases. It turns out this skinny guy has a large low ceiling basement completely packed with vinyl at his disposal, everybody in the cinema just held their breath as the footage from this basement drifted across the silver screen, it was amazing! Piles and piles of records, and he would just spend the whole day there sifting through the decades of forgotten artists and their tunes, what a privilege.

I highly recommend any Danish readers who are slightly interested in DJ's and turntablism, and who lives in or close to Copenhagen to check out both movies — they screen them on tuesday as well.

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