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Brussels sprouts is the shit! 03.02.2004

And I mean that in more than one way. To many people, Brussels sprouts is the nastiest vegetable ever invented. It tastes bad, it's cabbage, and hence it has this innate ability to make you levitate and being not the best smelling company around town. But besides that, Brussels sprouts are so incredibly healthy, rich in vitamin C, A, and folic acid.

Usually, people hate Brussels Sprouts because of the way they are served, which 90% of the time is simply boiled in water with a little salt in it. To add insult to injury they are usually overcooked making them limp and uninspiring. But, the B sprouts can be a really neat sidedish, if treated right. This is how I treat them.

I make a salad with Brussels sprouts that I learned from my sister. The salad has so far converted at least three genuine Brussels sprout haters to bonafide Brussels sprouts lovers — i shit you not. They mention it every time I see them, that they haven't stopped eating them sprouts since I served them this salad. And you can tell that they are telling the truth because of their supple, glowing skin, and the way plants wither as they walk by.

The secret of the whole thing is to do like Jamie Oliver (as a friend of mine pointed out recently): if some people think a vegetable tastes bad, drown it in ginger, garlic and/or soy sauce. So that's what I do (although I do like them Sprouts).

Here we go: Remove stems and outer leaves of the sprouts and cut them in halves. Let them soak in a bowl of water for 30 minutes or so.

Boil the sprouts in plenty of salted water, but only for about 5 minutes — the sprouts has to be crisp, not soggy and boring. While the sprouts are boiling, fry some unsalted cashew nuts. I usually burn them, but not on purpose.

Drain the boiled sprouts, and let them cool of a little. While they cool down, squeeze two teaspoons of juice from a lemon or lime into a bowl, and add one teaspoon of fresh ginger. Add olive oil (probably around two tablespoons) and a stinch of soy sauce to the mix, and stir it properly.

Add the fried cashews and the ginger/lemon/soy sauce to the cooled down sprouts and toss them well.

Serve with a smile. Bon appetit.

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