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Feminism and rap 03.01.2002

Found this very interesting article at PMC about feminism and rap. "Be deceived if ya wanna be foolish": (Re)constructing Body, Genre, and Gender in Feminist Rap by Suzanne Bost. It is mainly about how female rap artists deal with the misogyny that dominates the industry these days. Bost takes an analytical stance to the female rap scene, with special attention to female rapper Da Brat, who seems to have bridged the reigns of male dominated misogynist rap styles and the female, which is either criticizing this fact through the same media, or making a statement in other shades of the art form [such as spoken words artist Sarah Jones who had a poem banned by the FCC for containing indecent material, although the wording was no worse than the average male rap lyrics].

Da Brat distinguishes herself by using the same vocabulary as the male rappers, and getting away with it.

Read the full article here.

I went to Sarah Jones' "Surface Transit" concert this summer with Camilla in Copenhagen, and she was so damn good — just her and the music of her lyrics. Sarah Jones - Your RevolutionIt was a small gig, so you could actually talk to her afterwards, but, of course, I was unable to make any sort of memorable conversation with her, but I think I managed to ask her if she liked Copenhagen, and I think she said she did.

I bought her poem collection entitled "Your Revolution" - top-$ stuff, if you can find it anywhere, get it.

Listening to: Mahlers Kindertotenlieder with vocalist Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.

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