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The Towel Project 02.10.2004

The 'Towel' project seeks to find solutions to problems encountered by both visually impaired and sighted users when travelling in the World Wide Web by leveraging solutions found in real-world mobility and applying them to the virtual world. Visually impaired users find mobility on the Web particularly difficult because of the reliance of hypermedia on visual layout and large viewable areas to facilitate and enhance mobility. The Towel Project

Netop dette projekt burde have forstået, at orange hyperlinks på lysegrøn baggrund ikke er vildt godt for læsbarheden. Deres oversigt over papers er i hvert fald temmelig ulæselig.


Kristian | web | @ / 18:17 / 2nd of october / 2004

Prøv lige at klikke på linket "papers" selv.

David Blangstrup | web / 4:25 / 3rd of october / 2004

Ja, deres side er en rigtig "det man siger er man selv"! :D

Jonas | web / 10:26 / 3rd of october / 2004

@Kristian: Ja, det var ikke så flot. Det skulle virke nu.

jonas | web / 14:49 / 3rd of october / 2004

Denne kommentar er sendt fra min Zire72.

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