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Turning with the sun 02.07.2008

Italy was really nice, relaxed, green, and warm. But mostly in the 2nd week, where I caught this sunflower, it wasn't too busy turning in the 1st week, as there wasn't much sun to turn after.

For some odd reason, this years trip was so very much like last years trip, and then again, it was so completely different.

Coming back to Dublin was slightly scary, but then Erykah Badu was here and fixed it all.


Tore | web | @ / 18:31 / 2nd of july / 2008

Welcome back to the bloggosphere. You have been missed, ol' man.

Oh and pretty flower!

gyula | web | @ / 15:53 / 3rd of july / 2008

Hey Mister Voss! I would have loved to be there this year too! But tell me, how was is similar, and how was it so different from last year? I am all interested, and your post leaves me thirsty for more details!! :)

Jonas | web / 17:10 / 7th of july / 2008

@Tore, thanks, it's been a little quiet around here lately. It will probably continue (:

@gyula: Well, the similarity came from being surrounded by equally magnificent people as last year, and the difference was the country. I'm normally there later in the summer where everythings is burned by the sun, and the sunflowers are ripe for harvest. This year, there were green fields, and smiling sun flowers, oh, and fresh figs and cherries. Delicious!

gyula | web | @ / 21:06 / 7th of july / 2008

:) i so remember those long great nights in the kitchen sipping misties surrounded by mellow music!

Jonas | web / 20:25 / 15th of july / 2008

Yeh, it was pretty damn good times wasn't it (:

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