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De la Cash Cow? 02.06.2002

Friday night accompanied by Papi and Annemarie, I attended the concert with legendary De La Soul at an almost sold out Vega, [almost sold out due to the overly expensive tickets, 270 DKr - around US$ 25]. Both Papi and I had been looking forward to this concert with great expectations, and had been reminiscing about the two previous De La concerts in 89 and 91. Those concerts were classic stuff, and we both still have the "De La Soul is dead" t-shirt from the second concert, and I know I still have my t-shirt from the "3 feet high and Rising" tour in 89. Back then De la was a huge influence on me and Papi, and together with The Jungle Brothers and A Tribe Called Quest, they are to blame for us carrying an african medallion around our necks for several years, without being the slightest bit African.

The warm up for De La was a new experience to me, a danish live band/DJ act entitled "Nobody beats the beat", put together by DJ Typhoon of the Boulevard Connection. The 6 piece band started out playing some tight funk accompanied by DJ Noize and two others who I believe were Steen Rock and Scratchmagic [but I may be wrong as I am not too familiar with every DJ on the Danish scene] on the 1 and 2's. It was really nice, Noize was on point and the band played tunes with crisp snares, atmospheric Fender, and the classic miss of the 1st beat once in a while — always gets me going. The DJ's were on rotation so we also got to see Peder, Tue Track, Nut, and Nilz Nielson cut up some wax, and Tue Track [of the mighty Malk De Koijn] laid down the vocal from a track off the forthcoming Nobody beats the beats album, due to be released tomorrow. In the middle of the show, the Copenhagen All-Stars breakdance and electric boogie outfit entered the stage, and set it ablaze with some poppin' and lockin' and breakdancing. It was damn fine.

After a short break, Maseo entered the stage to attach the Senegal soccer team shirt to the desk, nice move, although they never commented the Senegal victory earlier on the day. Maseo proceeded by getting the crowd going with his welcome act, and he was good at this, but it was a little disappointing to see that they hadn't changed their show that much. They were still splitting up the crowd in a Plug 1 and a Plug 2 part, and then urge each part to make more noise than the other part. Yes, it was fun in 89 and 91, but a little renewal would've been refreshing. Then Posdnuos and Trugoy got on stage and got the crowd rocking. It was OK, and I certainly had a smile on my face the whole time, but I guess this was mostly due to seeing these fellas again. I think Trugoy was a little too busy taping up his fingers like another Michael Jackson, and he seemed a tad absent-minded about the whole affair. In stark contrast to the Nobody beats the beat setup with no less than three 1210's, Maseo was using the new Pioneer CDJ-1000 setup, it looked totally weird, and not very true to the game, he was scratching on friggin' CD's! They played some tunes from the 3 feet high and rising album, some from Stakes is high, some from De la soul is dead, and then one tune entitled Baby Phat from the new album Bionix. They had a bunch of girls on stage to dance while they performed this tune, as it is a praise to all women, not just the bikini wearing, thong sporting part of them.

Then, the show ended quite strangely, with Maseo as the last man leaving the stage in the smoke from the spliff his homeboy had lighted earlier, a spliff he seemed to enjoy in several ways, and the system playing the instrumental version of "The art of getting jumped". No extra numbers, in spite of the crowd really waiting for it and the lights not going on again, and I don't think it was too much to ask for, just a 10-15 minutes da capo would have hit the spot and save us leaving a bit disappointed with the show. As Papi said outside Vega, it felt a little like they were milkin' the cash cow with this show, but they still get massive respect from me, just from their sheer accomplishments on wax.

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