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Recipe for very simple bread

Bread crust on homebaked bread.

I've recently picked up something I used to do lots, before I left Copenhagen. Baking. It's taken a while to get back into it, but this time it's even better. Thanks to some guidance and help from good friends and esteemed bakers, Hessam and Rasmus, I've managed to make my own bread much more delicious.

Here's the recipe I've used a few times now with good results.

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Crazy P

Crazy P

Attended an entertaining night of Crazy P beats and Danielle doing her loop station antics. Turns out that me and my smartphone are pretty good at borrowing the light of pro flash units in the surrounding area.

The Farmiloe Building


In Clerkenwell.

The revolution will not be televised

This is part 1/6 of a BBC 4 production about Gil Scott-Heron from 2003, just before he was caught and charged with posession of a controlled substance.

I got to know Gil Scott-Heron because of Masta Ace. In 1991, Masta Ace sampled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised for his track Take a Look Around - a remake of the message carried in the original track. Gil Scott-Heron never quite understood how he was being credited with influencing hiphop, and he didn't care much for the label protorapper, which the media liked to imbue him with.

Next week, on the 27th of May, it's a year since he passed away. Enjoy the documentary.

Dogsled race in Ilulissat

I came back from Greenland a little more than two weeks ago, and I already posted some photos. I will post some more (:

This handful and some are from my first day there, where the local dogsled championship race was held. It's the qualifier for the national championship, and it's a really big thing in Ilulissat. I brought a lens that was a little too wide to properly capture it though, but I'll try to fix it with words.

As you can tell from the photos, there was a lot sleds participating. The rules, as I understood them, are pretty simple. There's a specific route to take. You can use a short sled instead of the normally longer transport sleds. You can have up to 15 dogs in your hitch I believe, and that's pretty much it. A friend of mine from Ilulissat has participated and told me about some of the preparations for the race, which includes training the dogs in interval runs, training them in off-piste racing, giving them treats on the way that they get only when you use a special cry, which makes them connect the cry with an extra treat. This special cry you can then use during the race, to get a bit extra energy from the dogs on the long stretches. A bit like a turbo boost.

The route is somewhere between 30 and 40km, and the dogs run this in less than 2hrs. Because of the weather that day, I didn't go back to see them return, it was very windy, snowing, and cold, but I believe this time they did it in around 1h30mins. Very impressive, considering they were climbing the Akinnaq cliffs with the sled.

The thermometer on the day said -28c, and for the dogs that's close to perfect conditions for running, these animals are amazing! For the sled drivers, it means they have to wrap up a little warmer (:

Motor in Stockwell

Motor is a street art/graffiti painter from Copenhagen, now living in East London. This last weekend she was painting in Stockwell, and I went to take a few photos, and wish her a Happy New Year.

I hope to tag along to more painting sessions in 2012 with her and Solo One.


Copenhagen, beautifully captured. Check out for more.

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